I am delighted to bring you a number of programmes that I tailor to your individual circumstances to help you whatever your condition or concern.

Included in all pricing is a months support subscription via whatsapp, usually charged at £25 a month. This can be bought separately after the initial consultation.
Response time within 24 hours, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). 

This allows clients to contact Rebecca directly between consultations, or once programmes are complete, for ongoing support and advice.

For those of you looking for support for an eating disorder, please look to the Individual consultations, Disordered Eating monthly support, Recovery Package, Breakthrough work and Family support sections below for more details. 

Please note the following: 

All consultations must be booked and confirmed via email not WhatsApp. 

All payments are non refundable; this includes packages. 

If you need to change an appointment, 3 days notice is required.

If a client starts a programme and then does not contact again for a period of 6 months or more; the package must be restarted and payment made. 


Before you start any of the programmes, I will spend 2 hours of my professional time researching and working on your case.

This allows me to gather all of your history, triggers, diagnosis, previous and current condition and will involve the most recent medical literature and intervention options as and where they apply to the individual requirement.

Where possible, Rebecca seeks to work as part of a Multi Disciplinary team to offer you the best support. 

* Please note: all supplements and testing are additional to all consultation and programme costs.


You know you’re looking for help but aren’t sure where to start?

I can offer you 30 minutes of my time to discuss your needs – free of charge, no obligation. To book, please reach out via email. 

Initial £180 

Built into the price are 2 additional hours of my professional time; researching and working on your case. This allows me to get all of your history, triggers, diagnosis, previous and current condition and will involve the most recent medical literature and intervention options as and where they apply to the individual requirement.

Response time within 24 hours,  5 days a week (Monday-Friday)

Follow Up

Follow up with interpretation of results 
60 minutes £150

Follow up 60 minutes £135

Follow up 45 minutes £110

Follow up consultations are for those who have had an initial consultation or for those on the package programmes, requiring further support but who no longer require the extensive research and communication.

All communication for the follow up can be in person or via zoom/skype.

Interpretation of results from prior tests/ tests done without knowledge during package time charged at £40

Disordered Eating (Including Obesity) monthly support £395

The monthly support includes weekly hour calls and regular monitoring via Whatsapp, email and phone calls. 
Many of us need to develop alternative coping mechanisms in order to enable and sustain true recovery, both psychologically and nutritionally. 
This package adds invaluable support and perspective with individualised guidance. My job is to empower you to make the behavioural changes required for your recovery. Confidence building and enabling you to see yourself in a life of recovery. 

Food and lifestyle plans are based on the latest scientific research and are personalised to your needs. 

Included in this price is a months support subscription (£25 a month). 
Please note: My approach is food first with all clients but some do require further support, where evidence is supplied. In this case, Functional testing and supplements are recommended for some clients. 
This is priced at an additional cost. 

Recovery £1400 (Payment plan available)

Rebecca offers this premier service, designed for individuals suffering from a diagnosed or undiagnosed Eating Disorder. 

The length of this service is typically around 6 months but will be dictated by the clients needs.

1 x 90 minute initial consultation

4 x 60 minute follow up consultation

5 x 45 minute follow up sessions to evaluate progress.

Within these sessions, programmes may be changed and other issues that may rear, will be addressed.

4 x 15 minute phone calls or emails.

Health support subscription for the entire duration of the programme

4 additional hours of extra professional time are included in this package.

Included in this price is support via Whatsapp. This subscription is £25 a month as a standalone. 

These sessions cover not only individual nutritional needs but also psychological support. 

Please note the above re contact. 

Recovery £1700 (Payment plan available) 

As above but includes a Functional test up to the value of £400, including interpretation time and report. 

Breakthrough sessions for Eating Disorders and Weight Issues £350

3 hours (one session). The one-off sessions have proven to be an extremely effective way of working towards a life, unburdened and no longer controlled by food, weight or shape. A consultation  that goes straight to the heart of the situation. 
You can discuss your concerns, discover what you need to do and talk in confidence. 
I will give you a top-level assessment whereby you can get the best possible advice about what path to take going forward regarding either yourself or your loved ones.
*For those who have purchased either a monthly support or Recovery Package, the fee is discounted. 
Please contact for more information. 

Support for families caring for loved ones with an Eating Disorder  £135 per hour

– Can Include more than one family member. 
– In person and online sessions available 

For Him / For Her £900 Including functional Hormone test

(Payment plan available)

1 x 90 minute consultation
3 x 60 minute follow up
Health support subscription for the duration of the package
30 minute phone call each week for the duration of the package

Your body is unique. Shouldn’t your nutrition be?

Personalised nutritional support takes into account your unique physiology. Using the functional medicine approach and functional testing, to determine what is needed for you.

For individuals with endocrine issues; including pregnancy (pre and post) related concerns. 

This package is priced for individuals but can be run for a couple. The cost for a couple is £1350.

Gut ‘Recology’ – £900 – Includes functional microbiome test (Payment plan available)

Initial 90 minute consultation
3 x 60 minute follow up & detailed education with results
Health support subscription for the duration of the package 

Protocol aiming to support clients unpleasant, nagging, gut related health issues

SPORTS NUTRITION – Price on request – can include testing.

When we think of sports nutrition, we often think that it is only for athletes. This is not the case.

Whether you take part in spinning, Zumba, yoga, a local running group, are a member of a sports team or are a professional athlete; the impact of nutrition cannot be overlooked.

As a competitive bodybuilder and having competed at a high level of CrossFit, Rebecca understands the importance of nutrition for energy production, quick recovery and being able to ensure the body can adapt to the environment that you enjoy and are challenging your body in.

We need to ensure that your body is being supplied with the right levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in order to function optimally so that the cells, tissues and organs can function at their peak.

If you are an athlete, your levels of training, environment requirements and genetic predilection will mean that your nutrition demands will be greater than most. Supporting your body at the cellular level is vital for hitting your energy metabolism.

Please contact to discuss your individual requirements.

Monthly packages; including training plan, macro nutritional plan and weekly check ins starting at £120 a month. 3 month minimum contract

Rebecca Warren, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Rebecca won the Trained Figure Bodybuilding First Timers event at the PCA in November 2021. She went on to take overall Figure Athlete on the day and given the prestigious invitation to represent Team GB at The Universe Competition.

Genetic Analysis – Price on request – will include testing.

Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics are emerging science that are already generating a huge impact on the way individuals are managing their health.

Results provide us with an insight into your individual requirements; those that will never change; that can enable us to fuel the body effectively and provide significant improvements to your quality of life, health and wellbeing.

The DNA test is a swab test kit provided for use at home. The report will be based on genetic markers, including but not limited too, the clients ability to detoxify, areas of deficiency that include omega 3, B and D vitamins; tolerance to gluten, salt, lactose and caffeine.

The consultation can be in person or via video call to discuss the results and to tailor your requirements, specific to your nutritional needs.

Cost of the DNA testing are on an individual basis. Starting at £300 – £865. This does not include the interpretation or consultation fee.

School / Corporate Wellness Talks – price on request.

Nutrition is a vital strand of individual mental and physical health in the workplace and school environment. 

Supporting your workforce or childcare facility to build resilient, healthy lives can increase engagement and productivity.

Talk length: 1-2hrs.

Please contact to discuss your companies/schools requirements. All talks are unique and designed accordingly.

Individual advise for employees/teachers – Bespoke packages to supplement individual requirements. Please contact Rebecca to discuss your needs.

Handouts and Q&A for children/teens. 

Education workshops- for school age children

Encourage change with evidence based results for the health, wellbeing and often recovery for your employees.

Sessions run through the working day.

Please contact to discuss your requirements.


Rebecca Warren – Nutritional Therapist Ltd is an ethically and environmentally responsible company. All choices are eco friendly – reducing printed materials and using local business services. Brands chosen are in conjunction with the same core values as our own.


Follow up consultations are for individuals who have been seen during an initial consultation, who have used one of the services offered previously, requiring further support.

All communication for the follow up can be in person or via zoom/skype.

Please Note:

All fees (payment plans included) are to be paid on booking.
Any consultations missed, without 24 hour notice will be billed at the original consultation fee or taken from the package. 

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